Found: 10 Super-Flattering Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

Erin Jahns

Celebrities have a certain knack for effortlessly pulling off every hairstyle we've ever wanted to try but simply don't have the courage or quite the right texture to rock ourselves. Or so we thought. This year, in an effort to reclaim ourselves and maybe/possibly/definitely go outside our comfort zones for the sake of head-turning beauty looks, it's the perfect time to spread our wings. (And yes, we want you to join us.)

However, as with any great haircut, the texture of your hair will dictate the end result. With that in mind, we rounded up 10 of our favourite bob haircuts for fine hair. And, if we do say so ourselves, they're good. Keep reading for 10 super-chic options. Tip: Screenshot these and bring them to your stylist ASAP.

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