11 Incredible Looks That Are Making Us Rethink Blonde Highlights

Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

You may think highlights are just… well, highlights. That there's little difference between one set to another. Well, a few years ago that may have been the case but no longer. Advanced application techniques and innovative multitonal professional colours have meant highlights have evolved from the chunky, tabby cat–like streaks and stripes we were sporting in the '90s to something far more sophisticated and subtle.

"The popularity of techniques like balayage—where colour is hand-painted on to give a super-natural, sun-kissed look, has had a knock-on effect with highlights," explains Jenny Perrson, style and colour manager at Taylor Taylor in Liberty London. "We're finding clients don't want that obvious, highlighted look anymore, they want the easy-breezy effect of balayage but in highlight form, allowing the colour to be taken all the way to the root. So, that's what highlights for 2017, and I predict for quite awhile to come, are all about.

"It does take more skill, as it's about creating seemingly invisible sections between the foils and making sure they blend seamlessly into one another so you can't see where one colour ends and another colour begins, but the result is gorgeous, totally natural-looking tones that have an ultra-expensive look and feel about them."

Keep scrolling for 11 highlight looks you're going to want to show your colourist.

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