15 Shockingly Pretty Examples of Blonde Hair With Lowlights

Hallie Gould

Lowlights work synergistically with highlights to create dimension in your hair. They catch light in different ways, creating a more natural, well-rounded, richer shade than just flat colour. Sharon Dorram, a master colourist at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City, says, "Lowlights look more vibrant and give your hair movement to truly show off layers in a haircut. The depth it gives can make one look younger in comparison to an allover bleached, flat, monotone blonde."

She continues, "Lowlights are the base colour from which the highlights stand out. I like to work with semi-permanent colour so it blends nicely with the original base colour and gradually fades out over time." With her words in mind, we decided to pick a list of our favourite celebrities with lowlights so you can use their images as inspiration next time at you're at the salon. Below, find our favourites.

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