Those "Dumb Blonde" Jokes Are Officially Scientifically Inaccurate

Victoria Hoff


Breaking news: Not only is the “dumb blonde” stereotype tired, but it’s now been scientifically proven inaccurate, too. And it’s not just a matter of confirming what we already knew to be true—that shockingly enough, your hair colour is not necessarily indicative of your intelligence—but rather the ultimate vindication: A study has found that blondes tend to have higher IQs than those with any other hair colour. Who’s laughing now?

After studying data on the National Longitudinal Surveys (a government program that asks participants the same series of questions over a long period of time), economist and research scientist Jay L. Zagorsky concluded that of those who reported having naturally blonde hair had the highest average IQ scores, as well.

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Zagorsky does note that there’s a chance that some of the people surveyed could have technically lied about their natural hair colour. But given all the data he studied, he is confident in his conclusion: It’s really time to put that stereotype to bed.

See some other enlightening research about hair colour, and then tell us—what do you think of this study?

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