The Beauty Looks You'll Be Wearing in 4 Months, According to a Trend Forecaster

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While we feel like we have a handle on the looks we're leaving in 2016 and an idea about what may pop up in 2017, we thought it wise to consult an expert. Enter: Jane Buckingham. Buckingham has built a career as a trend forecaster, focusing on consumer insights generational trends, with her company Trendera

How exactly does it work? I probed, wondering if she was secretly psychic. She answered, "We comb the globe for all of the hottest new trends. We walk the streets (ok, get your mind out of the gutters), hit the hottest spots, and combine quantitative research with qualitative fact finding to see what people are doing and influencers will be trying. It's not an exact science, but we talk to everyone we can—from DJs to stylists, editors to boutique owners, teens to trendy mums—and put it all together to see what we think will be next."

She continued, "We help companies and people understand what the trends will be and more importantly why they matter. When it comes to beauty, it's not just about what we put on our faces, but why we want to express the looks we do."

Keep reading for Buckingham's predictions for 2017 (as well as a few from Beyoncé's go-to makeup artist, Sir John).

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