3 Top Hairstylists Predict 2017's Biggest Hair Trends

Hallie Gould

The beauty climate has taken a turn, favouring natural texture, personal style, and a "do you" attitude over painstakingly ironing, pinning, and styling. Designers have allowed each one of their model's uniqueness to shine through on the runway, and the industry has followed suit. It's a celebration of beauty—big, small, smooth, and frizzy—as it should have been all along. 

So, when we look to what the next year holds, it's an exciting time. My curls have never felt more like me, every undefined, puffy strand. I've never felt more apt to try a new colour, instead of sticking to the blond I was born with. Expression is the word, folks, and it's time to show off your own. To find out what new and exciting hairstyles will be huge in 2017, and adapt them to our own personalities, I reached out to a few of my absolute favourite hair experts with psychic trend-forecasting abilities. See below for four unique hair trends to come in the next 365 days.

Next up, these are the only six hair trends that matter right now, according to Pinterest.

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