Dear Mum, Why Didn't You Teach Me These Beauty Lessons Sooner?

Dacy Knight

We always hear sweet stories of beauty secrets our favourite celebrities and It girls learned from their mums. There's something undeniably beautiful about classified intel being passed along from woman to woman, mother to daughter, from one generation to the next. We're so fascinated by these familial lines of beauty knowledge that there are countless roundups of motherly beauty tips, tricks, and lessons in the media. Just a couple months ago, I covered how stars from Kendall Jenner to Kaia Gerber have mum to thank for their best beauty advice. And though all these nostalgic narratives are lovely to read (and certainly informative—after all, mother knows best), they don't always ring true for non-celebrities who have endured such awkward phases as troubled skin, overplucked eyebrows, or a bad dye job. So while we'll always love our mums, anyone who winces when they catch sight of their go-to "beauty look" in an adolescent photo has at some point wondered—mum, why didn't you teach me these beauty lessons sooner? So for everyone who's suffered through a beauty blunder—that could have easily been stopped by the woman who raised you—here at Byrdie HQ we've rounded up the top beauty rules we had to learn on our own.

Head below to read the beauty things our mums never told us (but we wish they had).

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