The Best-Selling Foundations From Australia’s Top Beauty Stores

Emily Algar


The perfect foundation is like the Holy Grail of the beauty world—we spend our whole lives searching for something we're not even sure exists. It can be a costly and disappointing process trying to find "the one", and sometimes no matter how many samples and colour matches we endure, everything comes up short. 

Product recommendations are one of the greatest ways to uncover life-changing products, but one or two friends sharing their favourite foundation is not exactly giving you the best chance for success. Asking the whole country though? Now that is a grand idea. So to help you all on your foundation quest, we asked some of Australia's biggest beauty retailers what their best-selling foundations are. The results were a mix of cult favourites and unsung heroes, but the common theme is that they're all amazing (and make flawless skin a cinch). 

Keep scrolling to shop 12 of Australia's best-selling foundations. 

Opening image: That's Just Fabulous

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