This Is the Best Wedding Makeup of 2018

Amanda Montell

Just as a wedding dress is a totally different garment than any other formal gown, wedding makeup belongs in a category of its own too. Every bride has her own unique aesthetic and personality, and on your wedding day, you want to make sure that the makeup just enhances the best possible version of who you are naturally. We've all seen what bad makeup looks like (come on, remember that one cousin?), but as it turns out, nailing down a natural, timeless look that reflects your individuality is shockingly difficult.

Whether you're hiring a professional to do your wedding makeup or are taking on the job yourself, having photo references to inspire you is key. So we did the work for you and combed our favourite beauty Instagram accounts to find the best wedding makeup of 2018. Scroll through the photos below to find 10 looks worth saying "I do" to.

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