13 Stunning Ways to Wear Your Hair Down for Your Wedding

by Erin Jahns

Making even the most minute of decisions for your wedding can seem like the dilemma of the century. (Or so we hear.) Therefore, our team here at Byrdie would like to make your life as painless as possible, presenting you with some of the best inspiration looks we've ever laid eyes on. From makeup artist–approved foundations to the sparkling wedding hair accessories straight from our daydreams, we've tried to cover almost every base. However, hair can be a tough one. And simply making the preliminary decision of whether you want to wear it down, up, or somewhere in the middle can be mildly frustrating.

However, once you make that decision, we'd like to lend a helping hand. For instance, if you've officially decided you'd like to wear your hair down as you walk down the aisle, exchange your vows, dance, drink champagne, eat cake, and what have you, we 100% have you covered. Since we're not the ones who are planning a wedding, we have more time on our hands to scour the internet and hundreds (yes, hundreds) of red carpet photos to find you the ultimate hairstyle inspiration for your big day. (Plus, it's part of our job description.) Today's agenda: finding the inspiring hairstyles (worn down) to make even your grandest hair dreams come true. After all, it's your wedding, right? Keep reading for 14 stunning wedding day hairstyles if you've been dreaming of letting your hair down.

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