Makeup Artists Agree: These Are the 6 Best Under-Eye Concealers

Adrianna Barrionuevo


Had a late night and want to look less tired? Or have dark circles that have set up permanent shop beneath your eyes? Either way, you have two options when you're getting ready: You can reach for your trusty oversize sunglasses, or you can rifle through your makeup bag in search of concealer. The staple product can be used to hide everything from blemishes to redness, and although it lives in the shadow of its all-star sister, foundation, this concentrated pigment is truly magical when used under the eyes.

And who better than professional makeup artists to help us rank the top concealers? These pros spend their days using various formulas in multiple shades and textures, so they know what's up and can advise on which concealer to use for times when you need to fake those eight hours of sleep. The best part is a lot of them called out the same products, which makes shopping for this multitasker even easier. Keep scrolling to read about the top seven concealers these makeup artists agree on.

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