The Sweat-Proof Mascara Every Beauty Editor Owns

Lisa Patulny

Like salted caramel and baby goats in pajamas, tubing mascaras are impossible not to like. You get all the volumising, lengthening, lash-boosting benefits of a regular formula plus genuine budge-proofness. The best bit? Unlike waterproof types that can take some serious scrubbing to remove, they come straight off with warm water. A beauty editor favourite, they've long been a secret fix for anyone in the know who often finds their mascara has migrated south.

If they sound like the miracle mascaras you've been searching for, let me lay the downsides on you (in the name of thorough beauty journalism, of course). One: They're hard to find. Most aren't labelled "tubing" so you have to be savvy to suss out which mascaras fit the bill. Check the packaging for something like "washes off with water"; that's a clue you've found a winner. Two: There aren't many available. IMHO, every beauty brand should have at least one, but most don't. I figure this comes down to a lack of consumer education and therefore demand. Both of which I hope to change with this humble post. (#selfless.) Consider this our call to the universe/beauty gods to inspire a whole host of new formulas for you to play with. And if you haven't yet tried one? Click through the gallery below, because you'll definitely find one you like.


Have you tried tubing formulas before? Share your favourite brands below, then click here to find out what women with great eyelashes always do.


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