9 Beauty Supplements You Bought the Most This Year

Amanda Montell


Year over year, the supplements market is skyrocketing. It's projected that between 2016 and 2024, the global supplements industry will reach over $278 billion (that's a 9.6% annual growth rate). On a small scale, we're noticing these trends here at Byrdie, too. In 2018, readers seemed to really dig our supplements roundups and reviews and bought a lot of beauty and wellness vitamins while they were reading, according to info from our data team.

Speaking of data, we were curious to see which beauty supplements trended the most among Byrdie readers this year. So, we did a little snooping to find the top 16 best-sellers that readers bought from our articles. (Apparently, you folks are really into biotin and collagen—and we don't blame you!) Curious to find out what you bought the most this year? Keep scrolling to count down with us to the #1 best-selling Byrdie supplement from 2018.

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