It's Here: Our Summer Glow Report, Modelled by Real Byrdie Readers

Faith Xue

Bodies. Like snowflakes, grains of sand, and North West’s collection of Alexander Wang handbags, no two are alike. Yet for so long, there’s been only one type lifted up as the ultimate ideal. It’s the one we see in most swimsuit and lingerie ads; the one that gives us a confusing twinge of admiration, jealousy, and self-doubt every time we see it across our Instagram feeds. Words used to describe it often include toned, slim, or fit—and the idea is if you’re not part of this club, you should be striving to be in it. It’s no wonder we find ourselves spending so much time analysing, obsessing over, and scrutinising the vessels we exist in.

Here’s the thing, though: Achieving some sort of outward physical goal won’t suddenly make those complicated feelings go away. Loving and accepting our bodies comes from within, and those who do get to that place don’t all look the same from the outside. And isn’t that a beautiful thing? In the nature of celebrating the fact that we’re all on the same journey—no matter how many curves, dimples, or stretch marks we possess—we’re showcasing our favourite new glow-giving body products on four Byrdie readers who are the epitome of #bodygoals because they radiate confidence from every pore (having seen them in person, we can attest). We gathered these women into our studio and spent a day swiping, scrubbing, and slathering the season’s buzziest new body goods, and the results were—dare we say—stunning. From bronzing oils to holographic scrubs, keep scrolling to see all the best products to bring your glow to the next level.

Photographer: Paley Fairman
Stylist: Robert Ziemer

Special thanks to Figs Underwear.

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