From Face Wash to Hair Mist: The Most Innovative SPF Products on the Market

Victoria Hoff

Isabella Behravan

In a way, putting on sunscreen is kind of like (a much more important version of) taking vitamins: We know it's good for us, but slathering it on every morning is as appealing as choking down a few pills. This especially rings true when we're faced with greasy, pore-clogging formulas.

Of course, if texture is your main issue, there are countless matte, skin-perfecting solutions that we really do love. But better yet, there's a growing crop of products that go way beyond the traditional SPF lotion. From a colour-changing patch that measures sun exposure to a self-tanning dry oil with built-in UV protection, these are the best items to help you tackle the harsh winter sun and keep your skin in check.

Want to step up your SPF game even more? Make sure you're applying on these oft-overlooked areas. 

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