Skincare in Your 30s: The 7 Most Important Habits to Establish

Amanda Montell

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So you survived your 20s. Congratulations! Your 20s were a bit of a mess, and now that you're in your 30s, life is… well, still a mess, but a different kind of mess. Especially for your skin.

"Your 30s are a time of babies, stress, and hormonal swings that can wreak havoc on your skin," explains celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau. "The growth hormones start to slow down, so the skin won't repair itself as it did in your 20s; breakouts can often occur in the form of cystic acne." In your 30s, you might also be dealing with dark spots, acne scars, and fine expression lines that were never there before. "It's definitely time to take your skin seriously," says Rouleau. "The days of neglecting your skin are over."

But don't freak out—for every skincare concern that's likely to pop up in your 30s, there's an easy fix. We spoke with a handful of trusted experts who walked us through their best advice for skincare in your 30s. So pour yourself a glass of wine and keep scrolling for the seven most important habits to integrate into your skincare routine in your 30s.

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This story was originally published on December 7, 2016 and has been updated.

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