You'll Never Guess the Most Requested Shellac Shade in Australia

Lisa Patulny

If I could round up all the minutes I've wasted in nail salons over the years umming and ahhing over which colour to choose (only to then go ahead with the same nude I get every time, thanks) I could get a lot of stuff done. I don't know what it is about being handed a wheel of perfectly painted false nails from which to select a shade that makes me feel like, yes, maybe I will go with baby blue today, but it never fails to turn my head. In my defense, CND (makers of Shellac), have A LOT of colours to choose from. (Over 100, to be exact.) As I'm so easily swayed, I can't help but feel that if I knew which shades were the most requested in Australia, my selection would be simpler. Not because I want the same as everyone else, but you know what they say about safety in numbers.

Because I can actually get my mitts on said information (it's a tough job, etc etc) I reached out to CND for insider intel on the brand's 10 best-selling Shellac shades in the country. Ahead, you'll find the tried-and-true hues manicure obsessives swear by, to help you decide next time you're at the salon. Featuring everything from suit-all neutrals and cotton candy pink, to black and an eye-popping coral, there's something for everyone. Not a fan of LED manicures? Check out Vinylux ($20), it's the closest you'll get to Shellac (shine, long wear, the same colour range) without having to soak the colour off later.

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