11 Fake Tan Formulas Worth Shaving Your Legs For



For the most part, the onset of summer is a joyous time where we stow our coats and pack away our boots in favour of wrap dresses and our favourite leather slides. Although stripping off the layers can present problems of their own. If you're guilty of neglecting pretty much every part of your body below the neck over winter, the thought of wearing a skirt might terrify you—unless you've just returned from holidaying on Mykonos, in which case you and your Greek glow can go forth and wear those denim shorts with confidence.  

Don't get us wrong, fair skin is beautiful (and a sign of minimal UV exposure, so props to you), but if you feel like a hint of colour will boost your confidence, a little self tan is all you need. With so many products on the market, making a decision can be near impossible and a little daunting. No one wants orange palms or legs the colour of Doritos (we hope), so below is a roundup of editor-approved self tanners that you'll fall in love with. There's something for fair skin, olive tones, lazy-beauty types, and everything in-between. Just take your pick, then all there is left to do is exfoliate, open a fresh packet of razors, and you'll be glowing in a pinch (no UV required). 

Keep scrolling for the best self tanners on the market. 

Image Credit: Brydie Mack for Spell Designs

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