The 9 Best Red Lipsticks Ever Created, According to Byrdie Editors

Kaitlyn McLintock

You can't get much more classic than red lipstick. After all, it's one of the (if not the number one) most traditional of all makeup products, having been worn by countless influential figures and characters throughout history. In our lifetime, it was the first piece of makeup we played with as a child and one of the first products we purchased as young adults. It's dynamic, bold, and confident; its power can't be overestimated. So, yes, we love red lipstick and the statement it makes—whatever that statement might be.

So while the answer to the question Should I wear red lipstick? is simple (hint: yes, always), picking the right shade isn't. That's because all red lipsticks aren't the same—not even close. Sure, there are a rare few that most people agree to be universally flattering, such as MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick ($36) and, more recently, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint ($36), but as for the rest of the red lipstick market, it's vast and finicky. It helps to have a few suggestions before diving into the depths on your own. That's why we put together a list of the 9 best red lipsticks ever created, according to Byrdie editors.

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