This Is the Most Popular Red Lipstick on the Internet

Faith Xue

We’re convinced that even the most devout no-makeup makeup devotees have at last one red lipstick hidden in their stash. It’s the ultimate power tool—one swipe, and you’re suddenly more sultry, more confident, more alluring. Though each of us has a prized red tube we like to cling to in times of need, it’s always interesting to see what other women call their own. We asked our friends at Rank & Style—a site that aggregates top fashion and beauty product lists using their unique algorithm—to find out exactly which red lipstick reigns supreme. This lipstick received the highest marks from beauty blogs, reviews, and retailers—and it might even deserve a place next to your tried-and-true (or maybe it is your tried-and-true). Keep scrolling for the #1 rated lipstick on the Internet!

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