How to Remove Halloween Makeup So You Won't Hate Life the Next Morning

Dacy Knight

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Halloween is here, and while you've likely expertly planned your beauty look for the big occasion, have you considered how'll you'll be removing the most stubborn bits of glitter and paint once the night is over? I can still recall a fateful Halloween five years ago when, after a long night of sporting aggressive Black Swan makeup, I came home to find I had run out of makeup remover. The dramatic Halloween beauty look, which had taken an excessive amount of time to apply, took even longer to wash off. To help avoid such predicaments caused by painted Halloween looks, we reached out to someone well-versed in the subject to learn how to remove Halloween makeup so you won't hate life the next morning.

Jonathan Kammerer, a personal shopper in New York, has mastered a thing or two about makeup removal from dressing in drag as Lana Labels. "Lana came into existence Halloween of 2015," recalls Kammerer. "She wanted an outlet to be creative and show the world another side of herself." Kammerer explains that he grew up with his mother and sisters playing with makeup, which resulted in himself playing and experimenting and perfecting beauty looks. "If you're feeling down, add colour or glitter to your face," he says. "You only live once."

Here he breaks down his go-to makeup-removing strategies that tackle everything from glitter, to paint, to prosthetics. Head below to learn how to remove Halloween makeup and shop the best products for leaving your face clean and glitter-free.

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