These Products Make Air-Dried Hair Look Like You Just Came From the Salon

Faith Xue

Yo, blow-dryer, we’re really happy for you, but air is like, the best hair tool of all time. (Kanye 2009 throwback—couldn’t help ourselves.) Though we couldn’t imagine a world where we ditched our dryers for good, we have been favouring another method lately: air-drying. Which might just sound like a fancy way of saying doing nothing at all, but we promise there’s a very specific method to this art form (yes, air-drying is an art form, we said it). From choosing the right products to knowing exactly what you do to your hair post-shower, the technique is vital to saving you on many a rushed morning (hi, Mondays).

With that in mind, we’ve gathered the best products you need to air-dry your hair like a true pro—from a fancy towel that wicks moisture like none other to leave-in products for every hair type to lazy-girl beauty! Keep scrolling to see the Byrdie-approved products for air-drying your hair.

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