5 Sweatproof Primers to Keep Your Face Intact This Summer

by Byrdie

Not to knock our body's natural air conditioning system, but there's a serious downside to the sweat-prone summer months: Namely that as the mercury skyrockets, our face becomes a slip-n-slide that renders the time we spent putting on our makeup a complete waste. That's why stocking up on mattifying, longwear products is an absolute must this time of year—and that all starts with a reliable primer.

With the proper base, your makeup won’t budge—even in sauna-like conditions or after the most gruelling SoulCycle class. Beyond that, the best primers also function as IRL Instagram filters, blurring imperfections, smoothing pores, and even offering a subtle glow. With all this in mind, we’ve rounded up the five best sweatproof primers to withstand whatever this weekend throws at you.

Happy shopping. 

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