This Primer Shrinks Pores Instantly, According to Real Women

Lisa Patulny


Some people have lofty life goals. They strive to own a home (apparently I order too much avocado toast for that), kick career goals, and live a perfectly balanced, healthy life. While I want those things too, there's another, less-serious life objective I also care about. I'm referring to shrinking my pores. (In the words of Zoe Foster Blake, to the size of "ant shoes".) Vain? Totally. A worthy cause? Let me tell you why. As someone who battled acne for a long time, I can vouch for the fact that enlarged pores dramatically affect the look of your skin. When skin gets oily, pores widen in order to give the sebum extra room to escape. If the sebum then mixes with dead skin cells, it forms a blackhead. (Which makes larger pores even more obvious.) That's no one's idea of a good time.

Of course, keeping your pores clean should be your first priority in the fight against enlarged pores, but a smoothing primer helps. If you're also on a quest for flawless, baby skin, we can help. Our pals at Rank & Style, who use a unique algorithm to generate epic lists of the best of the best fashion and beauty products, filled us in on the most popular pore-shrinkers on the Internet. If you're keen to refine your skin texture, you need them all in your life. (Or, #1, a primer that minimises pores instantly, at the very least.)

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