Smoothie Wars: 2 Nutritionists Evaluate Byrdie Readers' Smoothies

Deven Hopp

Byrdie editors and Byrdie readers have a lot in common. Loving quick hairstyles and long-lasting lipstick are certainly up there on the list, but we’ve also come to realise another point of overlap recently: Our smoothie obsessions run deep. Eating kale when it comes in sippable (and Instagrammable) form is so much more enjoyable. But a hefty dose of greens is not enough to make your smoothie dietitian-approved. It’s easy to get carried away adding fruits and other sweet ingredients, but a smoothie that’s really going to keep you full and check off the necessary nutritional boxes needs a mix of fat, fibre, and protein. So how does your go-to smoothie stack up? To find out, we submitted your recipes to two experts: nutritionist and Kore Kitchen founder Meryl Pritchard and registered dietitian and Top Balance Nutrition founder Maria Bella.

Scroll through to see if your smoothie got a nutritionally sound stamp of approval!

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