Editor's Picks: 16 Amazing New Beauty Products to Try This Month

Lisa Patulny

Another new month, another flimsy (yet perfectly legit) excuse to bin all the skincare, makeup and hair products I don't love in favour of fresh beauty stuff. While I am clearly in favour of consumerism (I like things, OK?), I'm pretty frugal when it comes to spending most of the time, Altuzarra sandals notwithstanding. That said, ever since I let Kondo into my life, I've been extra keen on "releasing" anything that doesn't bring me JOY. (Caps for emphasis.) See: Cleansers than don't take makeup all the way off, gloopy sunscreen and sub-par coconut milk ice cream. (FYI, Zebra Dream's collab with Pana Chocolate is the best I've tried so far.) Of course, cleaning out the cupboards means more room to fill with potentially mind-blowing beauty products. To that end, ahead you'll find a hit-list of incredible new products I am all about this month. Among them; a life-changing sunscreen mist, French girl-approved lip balm, and a highlighting gel I am so enthusiastic about my husband has already attempted an intervention. (Him: "Do you really need cheekbones that...um...shiny?" Me: "You know who you married.") 

Ready? We're going shopping.

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