Editors' Picks: The Moisturising Shampoos That Revive Our Dry Hair

Erin Jahns

When it comes to our hair, there are certain commandments that the beauty world expects us to abide by. One: Thou shalt not damage strands with too much colour. Two: Thou shalt not go out in the sun sans wide-brimmed hat for protection. And three: Thou shalt never become overly dependent on heat styling tools. Welp.

While we’ve promised ourselves time and time again that we’ll turn over a new leaf, grow out our highlights, and shun our favourite flatiron, roughly one to two months in, we start to feel personally victimised by our offensive, lacklustre roots or our unmanageable frizz post-shower. Thus, with our tail between our legs, we book an appointment with a colourist, ditch the hat, and dig out our beloved blow-dryer. Oh, and we turn to a few of our most trusted products—namely, a super-moisturising shampoo—to help reverse current and prevent future damage. After experimenting with plenty of formulas and dosages over the years, we’ve rounded up an editor-approved list of the best of the best—aka our favourite strand-saving prescriptions for colour and heat-ravaged locks. Keep reading to discover the moisturising shampoos that we can’t get enough of.

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