10 Moisturisers That Will Revive Dry Winter Skin

Hallie Gould


When I think of winter, sparkling snowflakes, warm hot chocolate, and fuzzy scarves come to mind. But so does dry skin. When the temperature drops and the wind kicks up, it's great for my Netflix queue, but it wreaks havoc on my face. I'm sure you've suffered from the same issues, right? Right.

To help myself (and now you), I polled our secret beauty Facebook group, my co-workers, friends, and anyone who would listen to find a list of the best winter moisturisers and facial oils. Boy, did they deliver. Below, find your new cold-weather skin secret. Read the descriptions, consider the prices (a few have hefty price tags, I'll admit), and land on the best one for you. Then, let me know in the comments which one made the cut and why (I love hearing from you!).

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