These Are the Best Moisturisers for Combination Skin

Kaitlyn McLintock

Having combination skin is hard because you have to deal with double the skin issues, making it feel like you need to use double the skin products. Take it from me and my annoyingly unbalanced complexion. Half of my face is drier than the Sahara, and the other half (namely, my T-zone) is oily and prone to breakouts. After years of using opposing products on each half, I've finally come round to find a more simplistic routine that benefits both—and a lot of that is due to finding the right moisturiser.

You see, for years I searched near and far for one that lands in the sweet spot of being non-greasy yet rich and hydrating. Thanks to a lot of trial and error, along with some expert recommendations from other Byrdie editors, I think I've found the ultimate collection of moisturizers that benefit combination skin. Click through to see 11 of Byrdie editors' favourite moisturisers for hydrating and balancing combination skin.

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