Always Shiny? These Matte Foundations Have Got You Covered

Becci Vallis

Matte foundation doesn’t have to be cakey, heavy and one-dimensional. It’s simply the term used to define the formula best suited to skin that’s prone to shiny T-zones. It’s also a good option if you require a more robust coverage that will see you through from a.m. to p.m. without sweat or sebum globules getting in the way. Here’s looking at you, brides.

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Even thought matte formulas are traditionally powder-based, you can now get your velvety topping in a liquid formula. Which means you need less because they spread across the skin like warm butter, melting in and creating a soft creamy complexion that looks effortless and feels light.

Use a brush or Beautyblender rather than your fingers to apply, as although they’re lightweight, they do give full coverage, so you need to ensure there’s no buildup at the base of your nostrils or in between your brow furrow where thicker formulas tend to get clump. For best results, start by dabbing your foundation at the centre of your face, and then sweep outwards to the hair and jawline with your brush. That way you’ll nail a flawless finish every time.

But we digress. Matte foundations are also worth a look if you suffer from open obvious pores. Because they’re oil-free, they’re less likely to clog and suffocate skin, while oil-absorbing ingredients, like clay and silica, will mop up any signs of excess moisture that might ruin your game face. A smooth, soft look: Where do we sign up? Scroll down for our nine favourite matte foundations and an innovative creation.

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