I Tried a Ton of Makeup Sponges, and This One Reigns Supreme

Allie Flinn

Isabella Behraven

The internet is an amazing place: It's filled with videos of cute puppies as well as videos of people using condoms to apply their foundation. (What a time to be alive.) I've seen people apply foundation with just about everything: From Louboutins to dish sponges, someone probably has a video of them applying makeup with it for #content. I'll stick to my makeup sponge, thank you.

That said, not all makeup sponges are created equal, so I road-tested a few of the most popular ones to find the best makeup sponges. I can't 100% guarantee they work better than a shoe wrapped in saran wrap (turns out there are some things I won't try in the name of beauty), but, well, they definitely do. Read on for the 10 best makeup sponges.

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