These Makeup Products Make Blue Eyes Pop

Katharine McEntee

There’s something about the look of blue eyes that’s piercing, spellbinding even. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Adriana Lima’s blue peepers and try to tell us otherwise. And while we happen to think they are pretty spectacular all on their own, with a little makeup for blue eyes, you can make them all the more enchanting (if that’s even possible).

Don’t know the correct shadow shades to make your blue eyes pop? We did a little research and surveyed our blue-eyed editors for their favourite eye-enhancing shadows, as well as Honey Artist’s celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein for the shadows she uses to bring out her clients’ baby blues. Lo and behold, we came up with 8 different shadow shades ranging from copper to gold to red and violet. For the best eye shadows that bring out baby-blue eyes, click through the gallery below.

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