I Try Hundreds of Makeup Products a Month—These Are the 14 I Always Recommend

Amanda Montell

Because the beauty editor life is #blessed, I get to try zillions of new makeup products every month. This is especially fun as someone who genuinely loved experimenting with makeup long before I got to do it professionally. Not all the products I try are worth buying or recommending, however. I've had run-ins with streaky foundations that broke me out, waxy lipsticks that made my lips peel, and goopy brow gels that caused my forehead to look like it was covered in mud. Disappointing makeup is a sad, sad thing. And as one responsible for making sure you never have to deal with it, I take my job quite seriously.

That's where this list of products comes in. Out of all the makeup I've tried over the years, these 14 lipsticks, highlighters, concealers, and more are the ones I swear are worth buying every time. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to discover one picky, makeup-devoted beauty editor's holy-grail recommendations. 

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