Our Favourite Aesthetician Asked Us What Foundation to Buy—Here's What We Said

Amanda Montell

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When Byrdie's go-to skincare expert, celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, posted on Facebook asking for foundation recommendations, we were on it like toner on a cotton pad. Rouleau said she has switched from powder to liquid foundation about five years ago, but had been using the same brand ever since, and was looking to try a new liquid pick. "What's your favourite foundation makeup that goes on sheer, still gives some light coverage, makes the skin look oh-so-glow-y, but not greasy feeling?" was her exact question.

We know how particular Rouleau is about her skin products, so we made sure to recommend only the best liquid foundations: products that are buildable, blendable, and leave the skin looking glowy and natural.

These are the actual editor and reader-approved foundations that we recommended to Rouleau. (She's currently in the process of testing them out and will let us know her favourite.) In the meantime, check out seven liquid foundations so good, they're worthy of our favourite aesthetician.

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