Allergy Season Is Coming: These Are the Best Lip Balms for Chapped Lips

Erin Jahns

Crisp-but-sunny weather, denim cut offs, dewy skin and and bright lipstick—oh yes, the months of spring definitely involve a few of our favourite things. But dry, scaly lips brought on by hayfever and allergy season? Ermm, no thanks. Just as we swap out our jeans and boots, it’s equally crucial to replace our favourite winter beauty products for a collection that will handily transition us from spring to summer in one (flake-free) fell swoop. Thus, here at Byrdie H.Q., we take our collection of lip balms very seriously. And we have some high expectations.

Not only should our lip balm provide a solid hit of hydration (for at least a few hours), it should also feel soft, soothing, and pretty darn luxurious. Consistencies that are goopy, slimy, or sticky are forbidden, and we’re painfully fussy when it comes to fragrance and tint. Remember that little song Lip Gloss circa 2008? Well, we expect our lip balms to deliver a similar “my lips so luscious” result. Too much to ask? We didn’t think so, but after testing our fair share of balms, sticks, and salves over the years (it’s our job, after all), we’ve come to the sombre realisation that the number of products that truly deliver is few and far between. However, every so often, we stumble upon a diamond in a rough that emerges (like a phoenix) from the bottomless depths of the Byrdie beauty closet. And since the dry months of spring and summer are fast approaching, what better time to disclose a list of the best, editor-approved lip balms? Keep reading for the formulas that we’ll be applying and re-applying all season long.

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