7 Layered Haircuts That Will Make You Rethink a Blunt Cut

Dacy Knight

If there's one haircut style that will never fall out of fashion, it's the layered look. Blunt chops and angled bobs might get all the attention as It girls adopt novel cuts before anyone else and celebrities debut fresh new styles almost constantly, but despite these ever-shifting trends, layered haircuts have been and will remain a mainstay. They're low maintenance, make styling more effortless, and instantly add body to any hair texture.

Layered haircuts also allow you to skip an appointment at the hair salon for much longer than a blunt cut. You can even get away with unintended texture—like bedhead or tousled waves from wearing your hair up all day. If you're in the market for a fresh new haircut that won't be a big commitment—and will save you time and money on style and maintenance—we've rounded up seven layered haircuts we're seeing on every cool girl to bring to your stylist when you hit the hair salon.

Head below to see our favourite layered haircuts that suit every length and texture.

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