Under $30: These Kris Kringle Gifts Look Deceptively Luxe

Lisa Patulny

As if buying presents for family and friends wasn’t hard enough, if your office does Kris Kringle you’re also about to be faced with gifting a co-worker. While this can be a great opportunity to do some light social stalking in an effort to get to know your chosen office mate better, it can also be confusing. Do you go for a desk plant? Chocolates? Another bottle of the wine they Instagrammed over the weekend? Let’s be honest—buying a kickass gift for Stacey in HR is probably not what you want to spend your weekend doing… Which is where we come in. For a truly impressive gift, look no further than the nine offerings below. You’ll find luxe-looking options for every office personality, and all at budget price points.


Keep scrolling for Kris Kringle beauty gifts under $30!


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