The #1 Hydrating Face Mask Has Been at Mecca This Entire Time

Lindsey Metrus

While the rising temperatures outside gravely affect our skin, it's also the artificial cool air pumped inside that calls for reinforcements. This means quenching serums, moisturisers, and—when heavy artillery is needed—moisturising masks. The latter is a heavy-hitter in the skincare world, transforming oily, clogged poor-like skin back into its glowy summer heyday. But take a walk down any skincare aisle and finding the right formula is a task. You're instantly inundated with a fleet of tubes and jars claiming to do x, y, and z. So where do you begin? Which ones actually work the best?

Fortunately, our friends at Rank & Style made the process of sifting through all the options much easier by compiling the best-selling and beloved masks for the dewiest, most supple skin. Ready to cure the seasonal syndrome and send winter skin packing? Keep scrolling to discover the best hydrating masks, according to real customers.

Want to know which other masks made the full list? Check out the top ten.

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