You Can Totally Fix These 10 Modern-Day Ailments With Herbal Remedies

Becci Vallis
The Short Story:

Modern-day ailments like eczema, acne, hay fever, IBS, period pain, chronic fatigue are often considered "secondary" medical conditions by your GP. So while they might affect your quality of life day in, day out, you're not going to drop dead. Which is why you might feel fobbed off every time you leave the local surgery.

The biochemical compounds found in medicinal plants enhance the body's own healing processes.

Herbal remedies can be taken as tinctures (plant constituents extracted in alcohol), as a tea (not suitable for some herbs), in capsules and added to creams in the form of essential oils, infused oils or tinctures.

The Long Story:

Despite what everyone's Insta feeds say about their clean-eating, healthy, wholesome lifestyles, it's a different story behind the scenes. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, IBS, hormone imbalances and acne—ironic, but we're suffering from more modern-day ailments than ever before. It's all fun and games being a grown-up, right? But nipping to the pharmacist for a box of your finest Paracetamol doesn't have to be the only answer. Which is where your fancy new plant-based diet can come in handy, especially when you hone in on herbs. Keep scrolling for 10 herbal remedies you need to try.

Now you know everything about herbs, why not discover what alternative treatments can do for you?

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