The Best Haircuts for Girls With Extremely Curly Hair

Victoria Hoff

American Apparel

Curly-haired gals, we salute you. We know that maintaining that mane is no easy task: Every shower presents the brutal choice of either spending a lot of time (and product) defining and styling each coil or taking a gamble and quite possibly ending up with a frizzy pouf on top of your head.

But when they behave, curls are a gift. And you already know at this point that the right haircut is probably the most important factor of manageable, pretty texture: A good curly cut shapes your mane in a way that allows your tendrils to naturally fall in a face-flattering way, with bouncy definition—and minimal styling time.

You'll need two things: a stylist experienced in curly cuts and an idea of the kind of looks that work best with your hair. We've got you covered on the latter—just take a look below.

Which curly cut is your favourite? What are your go-to tips for defined texture? Tell us in the comments below!

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