The Best Hair Products We Tried This Month, Hands Down

Maya Allen

If you're admittedly obsessed with your hair, you've stumbled upon the right place. As beauty editors, it's our downright obligation to share with you the latest and greatest in haircare products. Like the rest of the world, we're on a mission to achieve the healthiest hair possible. Our eyes are always peeled for products that will deliver on what they say they're going to do (especially on the days we really need it). To avoid bad hair days at all costs, we test and talk about hair pretty much all the time. 

With winter officially here, we have to take the power back from wind and rain and let our hair flourish in it. Even if you're not into hashtags, who doesn't want to be #HairGoals? Ahead are the best hair products we tried in June that have our hair looking and feeling like goals. 

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