Double Duty: These Skin-Perfecting Foundations Are All SPF30+

Lisa Patulny

As we creep closer and closer to summer, protecting our skin against the harsh Australian sun should be top of mind. Not only can UV rays cause painful sunburns (and subsequent weird tan marks), they're responsible for both wrinkles and discolouration. Ageing aside, sunburn also increases your risk of skin cancer a great deal. In fact, a huge 95% to 99% of skin cancers are directly caused by overexposure to the sun. Scary huh? While we'd never suggest that using a foundation with SPF is enough to keep your skin safe, adding one to your makeup routine can deliver extra protection, which is never a bad idea.

When it comes to sunscreen, more is generally more, especially since most people don't apply enough to get the product's full protection. (FYI, current guidelines advise applying about a teaspoon of sunscreen per limb.) We've rounded up our favourite skin-perfecting foundations with SPF30+ or higher, and broken them down according to finish, formula and coverage level. Whether you like a powder, cream or liquid base, there's something for you.

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