Every Time We Wear These Foundations, People Compliment Us on Our Skin

Maya Allen

As much as we live and breathe for good skincare, we're simultaneously just as in love with makeup. It all starts with a clean canvas, and a good foundation will change everything. Foundation has the power to take a look up several notches, and when you're wearing a really, really good foundation, oftentimes you don't need much else. As we're all on this quest for amazing skin, we thought we'd provide a little help along the way.

There are a lot of different formulas floating around out there, and you better believe we've tried many of them. Some we've encountered and quickly parted with, which is why we have an undying love for the ones that have stuck around through all our skin has endured: acne troubles, discolouration, melasma, you name it. You know those days when you get so many compliments on your skin, putting you on a cloud you don't want to come down from? Ahead are the eight foundations that get us the most praise and in turn a confidence-boosting high. You're going to want to invest in these.

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