No Joke: These Are the Best Foundations for Combination Skin

Audrey Noble

As someone with combination skin, I tend to stay away from foundations. I've found a lot of formulas to be too heavy and clog up my pores (hello, next day breakouts), or they make me look like I've just washed my face in oil. No one was happier than I was when brands started making foundations that gave combination skin gals the coverage they needed without adding on to our skin problems. 

I've created a handy checklist to test whether a foundation is really worth my time and investment. It must do the following:

  • Be lightweight
  • Mattify 
  • Give natural-looking coverage
  • Treat existing blemishes (optional, but ideal)

I've tested a lot of foundations and found eight that checked off things on my checklist and more. Click through to see the ones I love. 

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