7 Makeup Artists Reveal the Most Photogenic Foundations

Faith Xue

Though it’s hard to imagine a time before iPhone selfies were the norm (thanks, Kim K.), we do hold a nostalgia for Polaroids and disposable cameras. Call us vain, but you have to admit those pleasantly-fuzzy photos were so much more flattering than our current every-pore-magnified HD situation. Sure, there are plenty of photo editing apps existing solely to airbrush every inch of our carefully-crafted Instagram snaps, but we also want our skin to look that smooth, even, and glowing IRL—is that too much to ask?

With that in mind, we took our high-maintenance demands to some of Hollywood’s top celebrity makeup artists and asked them: what are the most photogenic foundations that also look super-natural in person? Let’s just say their answers have definitely expanded our ever-growing makeup wish list. Keep scrolling for the most photo-friendly foundation, according to makeup artists!

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