I Tried (and Survived) New York's 5 Most Popular Workout Classes

Hallie Gould

Outdoor Voices

When it comes to working out, let’s say I’m not very experienced. The whole cult-workout craze has been lost on me. I’m scared of riding a spin-class bike to loud music and the encouraging (and scary) chants of an enthusiastic teacher. I have yet to adorn myself in a skintight leotard and take a barre class. I don’t have enough coordination for Zumba. But that’s not to say exercise isn’t important to me.

I’ve made a habit of frequenting my local yoga studio—my flow of choice is ashtanga. I love the way it makes my body feel, and I totally subscribe to the yogi mantra. I like to relax and feel good all the way through my practice. Needless to say, with everything else, I scare easily.

I decided to face my fears head-on and attend some of the most widely popular workout classes on the map. My goal? To get my heart racing, break a sweat, and hopefully not die trying. I sought out help from the founders and respected trainers leading each class to get the lowdown on what exactly was going to happen. Then I strapped on my most fashionable athleisure gear (Ivy Park Sleeveless Logo Body, $70), bought a Bkr Glass Water Bottle ($50), and hit the pavement (or the mat, or the bike, or the jump board). In the process, I learned a lot about pushing past my limits and reaching an exercise-induced endorphin nirvana. It does exist, you guys.

Keep reading for my experience at each class to decide whether or not it could be right for you.

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