6 Byrdie Editors Spill the Secrets to Their Best Features

Hallie Gould

On a daily basis, I write about anything from foundation to hair products to miracle face masks. Usually, the theme is about helping with an ailment the majority of us face. Rarely do we get the chance to celebrate our faces, our bodies, or our hair without feeling vain or overconfident. Love yourself is a mantra often expressed but seldom practiced (if we’re being honest).

For the few minutes that it takes you to read this article, join me in throwing a proverbial party for your best features. What do you love to show off? What limb, angle, or attribute makes you feel most beautiful? Cool? Different?

I posed the very same question to my fellow Byrdie editors and asked that they not only proclaim their most favourite assets but give a little advice as well. Below, we’ve listed the best tips and tricks to boldly show off, take care of, and play up the things we actually like about the way we look. Keep reading, and go ahead, take a couple dozen selfies—I won’t judge.

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