The #1 Face Mist on the Internet Is…

by Erin Jahns

Facial mists may be one of the single most underrated products in our daily beauty regimen. Often flying under the radar, they’re makeup artists’ sneaky little secret for imparting a clean, luminous glisten to skin before (or after) makeup application. They’re typically infused with essential oils, skin-saving toning agents, and other similarly mystical ingredients, so we look forward to spritzing anytime, anywhere (and would never consider a long flight without our favourite close at hand). 

However, when selecting a face mist, you want a really good formula (as with any product you’re spritzing directly onto your face). Luckily, our friends at Rank & Style have done the research for you. The site, which uses its unique and trusty algorithm to construct lists of the top products within the fashion and beauty spheres, has shared with us the best face mist, according to the Internet. Keep scrolling for the big reveal along with the four (still fabulous) runners-up!

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