The #1 Product That Will Perfect Your Complexion

Amy Lawrenson

We've said this time and again, but an effective cleansing routine is crucial to great skin. If you don't slough away all that dirt, makeup and pollution, not only will your complexion suffer, but the skincare you apply afterwards also won't be able to penetrate as effectively which means you won't be getting your money's worth from that pricey serum or moisturiser. If your cleansing technique leaves a lot to be desired, don't worry. Add a cleansing brush into your routine. Robust complexions will be able to take a daily cleanse with a sonic brush, whereas for sensitive skin's you can use the gadget a few times a week for a deep clean. 

If cost is an issue, we hear you. At this time of year especially, there is little going spare. Either add one to your Christmas list or check out the more affordable versions we've included that give some of the pricier versions a run for their money. Plus, there's a low-key manual brush for those of you who can't stand the idea of another gadget in their lives. Keep scrolling for our round-up of the seven best cleansing brushes. Glowing skin, coming right up.

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