Dermatologists Say These Are the Best Acne Face Washes

by Claudia Wittenberg

Whether you get pimples from time-to-time, break out when you’re stressed, or have been in a lifelong battle with acne—the search for a cure is a rite of passage—we’ve all been there. Staring down the promise of clear skin on every bottle spanning the shelves of Priceline or Sephora alike; picking a bottle on a whim and hoping for the best. There’s no denying that there’s no feeling quite like finding that perfect product for your skin. Still, it's probably safe to say we would all agree that we could go without the guessing game. But even if you’re a beauty guru, reading the ingredient labels can all too often be a challenge worthy of a chemist—especially when it comes to acne washes.

The best way to find what works for you means asking the right questions of the products you're using. But rest assured, you can skip the trip to the dermatologist's office—we went for you. We talked to Dr. Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology Group in Brooklyn, NY and Dr. Gary Goldenberg of Goldenberg Dermatology, both of whom had some helpful tips on the ingredients to look for, the ones to avoid, and how to take better care of your skin in general. Their primary message? A powerful anti-acne regimen begins with a good cleanser. 

Keep scrolling to read on about the seven best face washes for acne. 

Both doctors note that for severe, more cysctic acne, face wash alone won't do the trick. She and Goldenberg recommend a face wash along with a prescription cream (like retinoids). Goldenberg also recommends laser and microneedling if your skin is really in need of some extra love, but whether or not you opt to take that route, Greenfield says non pore-clogging moisturiser (like Neutrogena Hydro Boost) and sunscreen daily are a must.

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